Linus Leandersson since 1984

A young photographer and digital artist from Sweden. He started working with photography in late 2001 and continuosly expands his skills by always experimenting in the various fields and genres of photography, and still keeps evolving. Born and raised in South Sweden/Skåne where he´s still located yet today. He got an upper secondary education in Media with alignment to expo and a vocational education in TV & Media wich he studied in Sweden/Malmö.

His Interest of art started already when he was a child as his mother was a painter and former sculpture-designer. Allthough it was the simple yet beautiful art of photography that cought his eye and he was hooked forever since.

The first years it was mostly macro and scenery´s that could be seen in his work. Recent years he evolved more and more into categories such as portrait, abstract and some forms of experimental-photography. Always with an open mind to try something new.

Linus is currently avaible for hire as Photographer, Digital Artist and Photo Retouch Artist.

  • ODYSSEY MANOEUVERS | collaboration with Brandon Wagner - created for evoke one Fable pack